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we are ?

We are Zilda and Luise from Agridoce Films and we have a different work proposal. We always try to make every video different from the other ones. Nothing for us is the same!

Making different!

Our view brings us to families that understand the image value, beyond its quantity.


The complet film has around 20 minutes in the case of birthdays. Although some people may find this a very short time and, may be used to traditional films of hours long, we choose to work in a distinct way. Our goal is not to register every single incident at the party, but to make a harmonious composition from the most important and significant moments of the day.


That doesn’t mean that some things are “left out” or “forgotten”. That only means that some moments are chosen to make the final result of the video a laid back, funny and enthusiastic memory.


We do not require forced poses, embarrassment or anything that escapes the natural and spontaneous moments of the day. Unlike that, we’ll ask you which are the most important points at the party and also who are the most special people. We will tell their story through natural and authentic images.

Photo: Bruna Alves Fotografia
Luise e Zilda
Luise e Zilda
We want to thrill!​

Our goal is to make a dynamic, happy and condensed film from that special day that can be seen over and over again!

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